Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Monbukagakusho Scholarship (Part 3) - Interview

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship 2007 - Notification of Interview

This is the hardest part of the application.

On 17th May I got the letter for the interview. On 23rd June, I will have to prepare everything. I have 1 month to prepare all of these

- Completed application form. I have actually handwritten on all the 4 sets of application form. 8 pages of each form, times 4 = 24 pages of handwritten stuff. That's a lot for me since I have not used the pen for such a long time. These days people type on computer mah...

- List of 3 universities that offer your course (If you have done preparation as I mentioned in Part I then you can skip this). Choose your university carefully. This would be the final list and if you get, you CANNOT change that university! Choosing hard university will give you a hard time, because you might not be admitted to top universities such as Tokyo University.

- Finalized Field of Study. The last chance to write carefully what you wanted to study. The decision of your scholarship will be based on this very much.

- Certified academic records (go back to your university to certify all your certs, degree & transcripts)

- Recommended from university principal & employer. I have problem for this one. I left university quite some time and the principal don't know me anymore. Getting recommendation from my employer will tell them I have intention to leave. This is a very hard thing to get. But anyway, I got both of them.
For the university's recommendation, I went back to my university with a sample of the recommendation letter which I wrote myself, tell him the story why I need that recommendation, let him copy it again & sign it. Getting a professor should give more weight, but I can't confirm this. I just get one of the professor to write it anyway
For the employer's recommendation, I told my manager about it & I'm glad he's more than happy to write it for me. Later I found out he is also leaving the company!!!

- Other documents... should be easy to get. Read the instructions in the Instruction Page 4.

OK, 4 sets of each documents, prepared. I'm ready to go for interview.

NOT.... Interview is not easy. I got 30 minutes to present yourself or all your hard work preparing the documents wasted. So... I actually went all the way to learn back my Japanese, write some sentences, memorize it, write down all the possible questions & answers.

Now, i'm ready to go for the interview.

I went to Japanese embassy, dressed smartly & 2 hours earlier, just to prepare myself mentally. I went into the embassy half an hour earlier than scheduled, expecting to wait. Suddenly, a lady said, since the other candidate is not prepared, I can go inside first. What a shock, as I was still not really prepared yet. Anyway, I went into a room with 6-7 people sitting in front of me. One of it is a Lecturer in UM, representative from JASSO, alumni, representative from the industry, and a few others. They started questioning.

Some of their questions are...
"... why do you choose this course..."
"... what you have done in your undergraduate's thesis..."
"... what makes you choose IUJ as your university... "
"... what will you do if suddenly IUJ has insufficient fund for your scholarship..."
and all sorts of questions.

30 minutes went on and I actually didn't do well in the interview. My talking was so boring that one of the interviewer slept. I'm not sure it's because of me or because it's just right after lunch time. I went home without much expectation.

Here I have attached all the Instruction & the application form for this stage

Instruction Page 1

Instruction Page 2

Instruction Page 3

Instruction Page 4

Application Form
Application Page 1

Application Page 2

Application Page 3

Application Page 4

Application Page 5

Application Page 6

Application Page 7

Application Page 8

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