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Monbukagakusho Scholarship (Part 2) - Sitting for written exam

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Postgraduate English Test,
Japanese Test A,
Japanese Test B,
Japanese Test C

Soon after submission is over, JIS will inform only Successful applicants to sit for the written exam.

I'd say... Don't worry.

MOST of the people who submit the application will be called to sit for the exam, unless you are really not qualified such those over 35 years old. JIS won't penalize you over the small mistakes in your application. However it's good to be careful with your application.

Don't worry too much if you don't know Japanese Language. Several of the Scholarship recipient including me didn't sit for the Japanese Language paper. What they want is someone who is eager to learn Japanese Language & culture.

Nomination of Written Examination

Map to examination center

In mid of April, my first ever letter from JIS & I'll have to sit for the exam on 7th May 2006.

The nights before the exam, I was thinking what kind of question would be asked, essay? Comprehension? I prepared myself all the way for all sort of questions.

On 7th May morning, I was in Confusion Secondary School together with almost 1200 other people!!! The whole hall is packed. There are 3 papers, English test (Paper 1), Japanese Language test (Paper 2 & 3).

When I got the paper I was so relieved that they only asked English language questions including grammar, comprehension etc. Objective. If you don't know, just select a), b), c) or d).

So to all applicants, please brush up your English language. With >1000 applicants, even 1 point counts.

I understand that different country have different country have different set of questions. Some have Maths questions, general knowledge, science, etc etc. Some previous recipients also mention the written exam is more than just a language test.

Test was over in 1 hour.

See the little scribble in the top of the paper? On your desk where you sit for the exam, there will be a piece of identification paper that will write down your name, IC number & other identification on it. There is also a notice that states that you have error in your application form. Most of the applicants will have some error in their application. So?

Just go home prepare correct your application. If selected to the next stage, fill in the new application with the corrected answer.

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