Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flea market

Cheap 2nd hand fridge, fan, carpet, bookshelves are up for sale. Bought a fridge for 5000yen (RM150), fan for 500yen (RM15) and bookshelf for 2000yen (RM60). Got a very good buy on fridge and fan, because I was the first in line, waiting for the door to open, rushed in and hugged the fridge that I wanted. However, the bookshelves had run out of choices and the expensive bookshelf are the only good ones left.

In Japan, throwing stuff away can be expensive.
Refrigerator costs 6000yen to be thrown away.
TV: 4000yen,
Air cond: 5000yen,
Washing machine:4000 yen.
After buying, I thought, damn. Throwing away that fridge costs more than buying it!!! No wonder people would give away these stuff for free in Japan. Even cars are available for free.

Fridge: 5000yen: GOOD BUY!!! (6000yen to throw away)

Fan: 500yen: GOOD BUY!!! (500 yen to throw away)

Bookshelf - 2000 yen: Bad buy :( (500 yen to throw away)

My new assets :D

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