Sunday, September 16, 2007

Online shopping

I know that getting a bicycle is the only way to get freedom here so that I do not have to rely on the bus to get to town or anyway. We went to the bicycle shop in Urasa to look what are the models available. However, to my disappointment, the bicycles there are without gear & is around 20k yen range... which is very very expensive. The cheapest is a 2nd hand 6000 yen bicycle, but it's small.

That night, while talking to several 2nd year students, they said I should go online to buy the bicycle. However, shopping online in Japan means surfing Japanese website, which I don't really know.

Anyway, I went on to go search for bicycles, spent the first hour going around the Japan Internet, found several sites selling bicycle before found Yahoo Japan. The 2nd hour wasted on learning their online shopping site conventions. Finally I know what everything means through the Firefox plug-in, I spent the 3rd hour learning on how to fill up the online forms with name, phone number & address.

At the end of the 3rd hour, I was so tired I just click Confirm to confirm the purchase & wait for the bicycle to arrive

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williamlcb said...

Just curious, did you take the TOEFL test before applying for the MEXT scholarship?