Sunday, September 16, 2007

First day shopping

2nd day in IUJ, we went to Urasa to shop for our food. Urasa is the nearest town, around 3km from IUJ where shop actually exists.

First thing... there's a very strict schedule for bus leaving from IUJ to Urasa and from Urasa back to IUJ. The bus leaves on the dot, accurate up to seconds. There is a limit on how many people can actually board the bus, but even if the bus is full minutes before the schedule, the bus won't leave. The driver will still stay until the scheduled time before driving off. This is the Japanese working attitude.

There are several supermarkets around here, which we called them "supa".

This is the most common place we buy our groceries, vegetables, ramen, milk etc. Things in Japan are really really expensive. A pack of 4 Fuji apple would cost 400yen, which is RM12. RM3 for 1 apple!!!

Packaged food are more reasonable. At least 1L of milk costs or 1L of orange juice 100 yen (RM3), chocolate bar costs 70yen (RM2)

The second shop which is called Musashi, which means 634 in Japan, mostly sell hardware & daily goods. First day shopping costs me 2000 yen, which is around RM60 O_o

Urasa is really small. On the map, which is A4 size, we can walk from one end of the map to the other end in just 15 minutes. The 2 shops are just across the street.

I would need a fan for my room, since it's still summer and days are still hot at 30 deg C. However, simple fan costs 2000 yen (RM60) puts me off.
1 Spoon costs 100 yen (RM3)
1 plate costs 300 yen (RM9)

I still can't get comfortable with the price here yet.

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