Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monbukagakusho Scholarship (Part 4) - University Placement

Result of Interview

OK, after more than 1 month wait, I got this letter. I was so surprised, because I thought I have flopped the interview. Even the interviewer slept.

Anyway, now here's the hard part. In 1 month, I will have to submit a checkup report and letter of acceptance from the universities.

For the checkup report, I'll just need to go to hospital, give the doctor the list of items to check on my body & send back the report.

However, for the letter of acceptance, I have problem. I'm getting an MBA. In order to be admitted, I'll have to sit for the GMAT, the prerequisite for any MBA programs. For this exam, I have paid RM1000 just to sit for the 4 hour paper. Anyway, GMAT is not a very hard exam, just do the sample papers which can be bought from bookstore and you will be ready.

At the same time, I emailed the university on the result of the nomination for their assistance to get the Acceptance Letter from them. Well, taking into account the time to post the documents & for them to post back, it could as well take as much as 2 weeks, leaving only 2 weeks for them to process. So I sent them the scanned soft copy & send through courier.

Just in time, I got back the confirmation letter & all the documents & able to submit it to the Japan Embassy.

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