Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Golf, Sex & Leadership

Today, we have a guest lecture Joseph Lee who is semi-retired, Professor in Drucker's Grad school & is a partner of KPMG.

A funny guy, he pulls a lot of jokes in his lecture. "After this class, you may not remember most of the lecture, but you would remember me as the guy who told that unfunny joke".

Here is part of the lecture which I find very useful and I will remember

What do golf, sex & leadership have in common?
1. People who often talked about it are often lousy in it.
2. Many books were written about it, but people who read it never improves
3. It takes other people can tell whether you are good at it or not.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Niigata Bust Pudding

Only in Japan.

On our way to Kanazawa for Sakura viewing, we stopped at a few rest area for toilet break and for some shopping. At the first stop, I had just woke up from a short nap. Still blur, I went to the toilet and then to see what are the things they sell at the store.

Most of the things sold in the store are very normal, nice looking candies, pies or cookies. However, suddenly my eyes fell on this item.

It says "Niigata Bust Pudding". I was wondering, are they misspelling the product (they often did in Japan). However, they even have a sample of the box opened, which is the same below.

Open the box, you will see a woman with big bust, wearing pink bra.

Then, you can unhook the bra from the front.

And ta-da!!!! 2 nice looking pudding for you to enjoy. Yes, you can eat or taste that pudding.

Fully opened box, with 2 real pudding, spoon & honey!!!!

All these are just for 347 yen, or RM10 :P..... worth it!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prof John's Stories: Foot Injury

Prof. John told me that his feet has a fractured bone. Therefore sometimes when he walk, he will feel an acute pain between the ankle & the balls of his feet.

He relate the incident back to few years ago when he was in Tokyo. He had to give lecturers in Tokyo, therefore he had to wear formal attire with leather shoes. And so happen he walked almost 1 hour back & forth to find a shop. When he reached back to his apartment in Tokyo, his feet started to complain, calling out in pain. He ignored the pain.

However, nothing much happened until recently when the pain at the same position kept coming back to him. When he went to doctor & took X-ray, he found out that there is a small piece of bone fractured at his feet, therefore causing the pain.

Now, he wear sports shoes most of the time, always cautioning people of walking too long on cement with formal shoes.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Color

Spring is here. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. Everything is supposed to be colorful and so should be the hair color, not just black. That's why I've decided to color my hair.

Saloon in Japan is so EXPENSIVE. Haircut costs 4000 yen (RM120) (with discount 2000 yen or RM60). The cheapest in Japan is 1000 yen (RM30). Around my school, the cheapest is 1600 yen (RM 50).

With all these exorbitant price, I've decided NOT to cut my hair and color them in Saloon. I bought a box of color from Jusco and with help of friend, colored my hair brown.

And it turned out so good that many people say it looked nice on me. Ben, Charles & me, 3 MBA guys colored our hair this term.

When they asked about my hair, I always replied, "It's Spring Color".

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunset, the Golden Moment

My room is facing west. This means, everyday, I am able to enjoy the magnificent view of sunset.

Now I understand what is the golden minute that all photographers talk about. The most beautiful moment of every single day last justs 4-5 minutes a day. People traveled for hours from cities and paid hundreds of dollars to see these sunset.

Now I have the privilege to enjoy these moments everyday. These are what they called the golden minute.

Click on the images to enlarge

Sunset in the autumn

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Spring

Few days ago, birds start to chirp, waken up from hibernation. Insects start to fly into my room.

Winter finally ended. The peak was almost 2m of snow. The whole walkway from dorm to classes were covered in snow. I was looking at the autumn pictures and the scenery is so much different. Winter is so beautiful and I'll miss it.

To this one

Soon the confinement would end and I'll be able to cycle to Koide and all the other places

Malaysia General Election

March 8th is Malaysia's General Election. Being so far from Malaysia, it is almost impossible to get the latest information 5 years ago. However, Internet changed everything.

I know that it would be election when my friend MSN'ed me at 12pm, just minutes after the announcement were made. Many of my Malaysia friends didn't even know about it at that moment. The geographical distance from Malaysia was made so small.

Days before the election, news, commentaries, articles, predictions and rumors appeared in blogs, news sites and political party websites. Even though heavy censorship and news blackout happened in mainstream media, all news are available online.

On that night during poll count, me and a few friends started MSN chat starting at 10pm. Soon, many more people got online, and we started a 10 people online conference chat. We have people from UK, Japan, China, Penang, KL, Taiping and Ipoh, all discussing about the latest news, all of us scurrying around websites updating each other on the latest results. We were the same group that used to chat face-to-face in mamak in Section 17 when we studied in UM. The only difference now is that we cannot see other's face, but the quality of conversation is still the same. I could imagine listening to each other's voice.

Soon, I've started another MSN group, with 8 of UC's ex-staff. We have people from Sabah, Penang, KL and me from Japan and continue until 3am.