Wednesday, January 9, 2008

End of Winter Holiday

Coming back to IUJ is a chore. My flight is in the afternoon. I didn't realize that I would arrive in Tokyo at 8pm, clear custom, and then take 1 hour train to Ikebukuro and then rush for shinkansen / bus / train to Urasa.
I have given up all hope of coming back to Urasa at the same day, until I found out the day before the flight that I will be flying on 11am and reach Tokyo at 6pm, leaving me with 4 more hours to catch the last bus.
The nice thing in Japan is that... you can plan your journey way ahead. All the train schedules for EVERY train station & bus are always accurate up to the MINUTE!!! If the schedule say that there is no train, don't pray that miracle would happen.

On 9th, my MAS's MH070 was delayed reach Narita at 7pm. Then the custom has introduced new regulation to take photograph & fingerprint of all foreigners, delaying my departure from airport by another 1 hour. Luckily I was able to rush back to Ikebukuro by 10, and took the last bus at 11:30pm, and arrived in Muikamachi at 3am with Ben there waiting for me in the snow to pick me up back.

Had class next day.

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