Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prof John's Stories: IUJ was underwater

Came back from Urasa's supermarket in IUJ Bus & was sitting beside Prof. John. He was started to tell stories on how the spring is about to come, where birds would be singing.

When we almost arrive in IUJ, he started to show me a patch of black trees in the middle of the fully snow covered, white mountain. He mentioned that it was one of the very first Buddhist temple site in this area.

Why do they build it so high?

Well, simply because last time, the whole Urasa & IUJ was underwater. That's why a lot of ancient buildings were at the higher ground. That's why there are some places called Prawn Island, this Island, that island still exists around these area.

Everything in the pic was under water!!!

He added that if we go near the hills, we are still able to see the shoreline now. OK, i'll go search for those shorelines in the spring.

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