Monday, March 10, 2008

21st Century Family

This is Manisha, the modern mom in our university.

We went together to the Muikamachi Snow festival with several others. On the way back, we asked her why we haven't seen her son who's staying with here in campus for so many days. She said her son went back to her country in India.

On our way back, her phone rang. "Hi Elish". Her son called from India, "Mom, I don't know how to do this homework, can you teach me?". "Ok, show me the question using the phone (3G Camera phone). It's not clear, point it upwards. OK, this is how you should do it... ... ... Do you need that book? I'll order it through Amazon and have it sent to you."

Her son Elish has been traveling alone from Singapore to Japan, Tokyo to Urasa, Tokyo to India all by himself. We ask if she's worried if her son get lost. She said no, because her son can always call. Furthermore, using location based service, she can know her son's exact location at any time.

Here in Japan, everyone is using the latest technology to its maximum potential and I'm surprised how an ordinary parent in Japan has been using the technologies so much, Internet, video call, GPS etc.

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