Friday, March 28, 2008

Malaysia General Election

March 8th is Malaysia's General Election. Being so far from Malaysia, it is almost impossible to get the latest information 5 years ago. However, Internet changed everything.

I know that it would be election when my friend MSN'ed me at 12pm, just minutes after the announcement were made. Many of my Malaysia friends didn't even know about it at that moment. The geographical distance from Malaysia was made so small.

Days before the election, news, commentaries, articles, predictions and rumors appeared in blogs, news sites and political party websites. Even though heavy censorship and news blackout happened in mainstream media, all news are available online.

On that night during poll count, me and a few friends started MSN chat starting at 10pm. Soon, many more people got online, and we started a 10 people online conference chat. We have people from UK, Japan, China, Penang, KL, Taiping and Ipoh, all discussing about the latest news, all of us scurrying around websites updating each other on the latest results. We were the same group that used to chat face-to-face in mamak in Section 17 when we studied in UM. The only difference now is that we cannot see other's face, but the quality of conversation is still the same. I could imagine listening to each other's voice.

Soon, I've started another MSN group, with 8 of UC's ex-staff. We have people from Sabah, Penang, KL and me from Japan and continue until 3am.

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