Friday, January 11, 2008

Dean's List

Results for last term released. Got GPA 3.82 / 4.00. Wow... that's quite good I said to myself.

The ranking was
H : 4.00
H- : 3.75
S+ : 3.50
S : 3.00

But then... hey, how come I got H- for my 'Financial Accounting'? The grade was supposed to be top 10% student receive H. I got the 6th highest (79.3%) in that course, trailing the 5th place (80.0%) by just 0.7 points. Just with that additional 0.7% in 1 subject, I'd be able upgrade my GPA to 3.87, making me in the dean's list!!!

How unlucky. I'll be cursing myself for the rest of the term.

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