Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monbukagakusho Scholarship (Part 1)

I was introduced to Monbukagakusho Scholarship by my friend, Zadli in CNY gathering 2006. I was interested and I immediately Google about it.

I'll go in detail on the application procedure and hope this guide will be able to help other people in applying for the same scholarship.

Application for Monbukagakusho scholarship normally opens end of February (ie during CNY) & closes on 31st March.

Here's what we got from the website

There are a few scholarships available
- Undergraduate Student
- Postgraduate (Research Student)
- Young Leader's Program (YLP) - 2006 only
- Japanese Studies & Teacher Training - 2006 only

Young Leader's Program and Japanese Studies & Teacher Training are not available every year. Anyway, I'll talk about Postgraduate (Research Student) scholarship first as this is the one that I'm receiving. I'll talk about the other scholarships later.

1) Start Early
Even though the application have not start, you can start by researching on the university that you intend to apply. One of the question in the you have to write in the application is Field of Study & the Study Program in Japan in detail.

If possible, write to the professors in the university about your intention to study there. This will give you an big advantage if you are selected for the interview.

2) Find at least 3 universities that offers the course you wanted to apply.

3) Download the past year's application form & try to answer the questions in the application. Question number 7, the proposal for your study in Japan is the hardest to answer, but is the most important question as well. Answer 1~6, 8~9 makes sure you are qualified. Answer no. 7 is the one that makes sure you get selected.

Think of it, the committee goes through more than 1000 applications and with almost everyone qualified, the committee can only judge you by how you get this question correct. It can take weeks to come up with a short but persuasive & effective answer.

When submitting the form, do keep a copy of what you have sent, because you might need fill in another form again based on what you submit in the initial application

Next: Part 2 - Sitting for the written exam

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