Sunday, April 13, 2008

Niigata Bust Pudding

Only in Japan.

On our way to Kanazawa for Sakura viewing, we stopped at a few rest area for toilet break and for some shopping. At the first stop, I had just woke up from a short nap. Still blur, I went to the toilet and then to see what are the things they sell at the store.

Most of the things sold in the store are very normal, nice looking candies, pies or cookies. However, suddenly my eyes fell on this item.

It says "Niigata Bust Pudding". I was wondering, are they misspelling the product (they often did in Japan). However, they even have a sample of the box opened, which is the same below.

Open the box, you will see a woman with big bust, wearing pink bra.

Then, you can unhook the bra from the front.

And ta-da!!!! 2 nice looking pudding for you to enjoy. Yes, you can eat or taste that pudding.

Fully opened box, with 2 real pudding, spoon & honey!!!!

All these are just for 347 yen, or RM10 :P..... worth it!!!

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