Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Color

Spring is here. Birds are singing. Flowers are blooming. Everything is supposed to be colorful and so should be the hair color, not just black. That's why I've decided to color my hair.

Saloon in Japan is so EXPENSIVE. Haircut costs 4000 yen (RM120) (with discount 2000 yen or RM60). The cheapest in Japan is 1000 yen (RM30). Around my school, the cheapest is 1600 yen (RM 50).

With all these exorbitant price, I've decided NOT to cut my hair and color them in Saloon. I bought a box of color from Jusco and with help of friend, colored my hair brown.

And it turned out so good that many people say it looked nice on me. Ben, Charles & me, 3 MBA guys colored our hair this term.

When they asked about my hair, I always replied, "It's Spring Color".

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